About Us

Domingo Vasquez, founder and teacher for MusicoLessons LLC

Domingo Vasquez, founder and teacher for MusicoLessons LLC


What we're all about

Over the years I have spent lots of time as a performing musician and music tutor. This has provided me a firsthand look at the powerful benefits of music. I became determined to develop a teaching system that would help simplify music education to the point that children as young as 3 years old would be able to participate in musical training and benefit. Consequently, adults and children with special needs have also been able to quickly learn to enjoy playing music using our unique system. These outcomes have only galvanized the reason for pressing on with the mission!  In a world that is always changing some things still remain the same. People all over the world still desire similar things like: happiness and good quality of life. Sharing music with children and adults has defiantly promoted an alternating happiness, and an improved quality of life for me and many other people! I hope to continue helping all people learn to enjoy the benefits music and share their music with the world.

- Domingo V.

Where we've come from

Musico lessons officially formed in 2007. Since then we have steadily provided music and language programs in the Saginaw Michigan area for thousands of children and adults! We have had the privilege of working with great places such as: Saginaw Valley State University, Covenant Children’s Center, Saginaw Children’s Museum, Theodore Roethke Foundation, Steps Montessori, Hemmeter Elementary School,  A Place for Grace,  Saginaw Community Foundation, Good Shepherd Early Childhood Center, Great Lakes Bay Autism Center and Ambassadors for Opportunity.

What we do

Our programs include: Spanish enrichment for Children ages 3 to 12 years of age.  These classes include age appropriate vocab, practical life phrases and a variety of sing along songs and more….

Music programs: Color Keyboard for all ages, Intro to Left and Right hand techniques, variety of popular songs, Basic music theory, song composition, and more…

 vocal training includes singing techniques, a variety of musical styles for voice, music theory for voice, and more…