Musico Spanish Visiting Enrichment Class

This class is offered to ages pre-school through 5th grade.

Musico Spanish enrichment class is a site visiting program that brings to the students a Spanish curriculum that meets the students at their present skill level and builds a solid foundation of practical Spanish vocabulary. Students will study Spanish using a rotating curriculum that implements a variety of techniques that includes singing, musical instruments, games and more. Students will have fun learning practical Spanish words, phrases, culture and much more!

Musico lessons LLC has been providing visiting enrichment classes in Saginaw area public and private schools since 2008

Musico Young Pre-School Tutoring 

Ages: 3-5

Time: 30 mins

Young students will get a jump-start in Spanish, and practice pre-school listening skills. This small classroom setting helps to acclimate, and prepare a young student for the important transition from home to pre-school. Students will learn counting, colors, shapes, greetings, manors, and lots more!

Music is a very active part of Musico tutoring sessions. Students will sing in Spanish, and also have hands on with musical instruments! 

Musico Kindergarten-3rd Grade Tutoring

Ages: 5-7

Time: 30 mins

If you have a young student who wants to begin exploring Spanish for the first time, or who would benefit from supplementalpractice …this is the perfect class for your student! This musico tutoring session builds, and strengthens a solid foundation for Spanish vocabulary. Student will interact directly with the instructor using a steady moving variety of material.

Students will also sing in Spanish, and have hands on time with musical instruments. 

Please call us at 989.971.4796 to schedule your session